Basic, Cruise, Ocean, Race, One Design lines: when we suggest a sail, we take the full picture of usage into considerations.

For this reason, no two Wsail' sails are ever the same. And for the same reason, we will always go the extra mile to be certain that your sail lasts a long time. Ask Marco Nannini - Skipper of the Class 40 and 2nd in the Global Ocean Race, and Boat of the Year for RORC 2012 - after 30,000 miles of ocean racing, with only one set of sails, without damaging or breaking anything. Phone or email us to talk through your measurements, type of sail, sailing location and requirements so that we can consider all your needs before we start work on making your sail.

The 10 principles which Wsail work to:

  1. No two Wsail' sails will ever be the same.
  2. The materials, cut and design come only after measured thought.
  3. Technology is fundamental. The sailor's experience comes above all.
  4. A good sail is only be born in the conscience of the user and it's use.
  5. Apart from in name, we are Ligurians, and we donít like to waste money.
  6. We are fastidious when it comes to details. It's for the same reason our sails last.
  7. We always strive to make our sails as light as possible.
  8. Lighter does not mean less robust. However...
  9. The goods, and their state, depend on usage and the way they are managed.
  10. Our service begins, but doesn't end with the delivery of sails.