“Ocean Line: tried and tested around the world

The Ocean Line is for those who want to take a step further than simply cruising.

Sails made our way have already lasted the test of time and of many long passages, including around-the-world race. Just ask Marco Nannini who sailed 30,000 miles in a Class 40 with one set of sails, without incurring in any damage to the sails at all.


Sails made with very strong fiber

These sails are made with using a sandwich technique with two external layers of "skin" and mylar fibers which are then reinforced with various ultra resistant fibers and dacron or other protective layers suitable for offshore sails.

The choice of materials depends on the type of boat and the intended navigation. Sails can be made with membrane or panels.

If made with panels, the cuts are always radial with different materials, so as to follow exactly the loads in various zones of the sail saving weight with an exceptional strength.

Besides the cut and choice of materials, the offshore sails by Wsail are characterized by the attention to detail that help the shape and life of the sail.

Just to make an example, we always use spectra instead of metal rings.

It takes more time to make sails this way, but you get a lighter and more robust structure as a result and the absence of metal save crew and boat from accidentally impacts.