“Materials: only the best,
nothing but the best for our Clients”

Innovation and excellent technology has always been at the centre of our Company's philosophy when it come sto production: Di-Tech Sailmakers was one of three, who in the 1980's started designing sails with the computer. In the 1990s the Company progressed further and was always one of the most forward thinking sailmakers using cutting edge design methods to create sails. Now, the new focus of Wsail is in sourcing and using the best materials and fibers.

By abolishing the panels has meant that it is now possible to make last lasting sails that are light and hard wearing, yet still maintain their original shape and last a very long time, much longer than the panelled sails used to.


The quantity and quality of fiber effects the form of the sail. Technology allows us to build membranes that make up the "body of the sail", with reinforcements where most necessary using the best fibers on the market. We mostly use Polyestere, Pentex, Kevlar, Spectra, Vectran and Carbon. The choice of cut, materials and structure depends on the clients aim for usage. Every membrane sail that leaves our sail loft is therefore absolutely tailor made for every Client. The sails made have two skins with a fibre structure between the skins, the make up of this varies for each boat. The membranes made are sails made of two skins with a structural fiber inserted between, the type of fiber depending on the boat. The membranes are made using glue and pressured heat. When it comes to Flying Sails however the nylon that we use is Contender, the company leader in spinnaker materials, the "inshore" or light cloths can be glued, and those made for heavier airs, can be glued and sewn, the cuts are always radial and varied.

“Our sails are Made in Italy”

The characteristics of Wsail's membrane sails are:

  • Less heavy
  • No more sewing
  • Reduction in loss of shape
  • Made to measure

The advantages:

  • Reduced heeling
  • Increased speed
  • Increased range of use
  • Longer lasting
  • Holds its shape longer