“With a Wsail gurantee: no need to think further.”

Wsail offers a two year guarantee for materials, and one year's maintenance and new sail checks.

This programme was created to offer reassurance that we are behind and supporting every new sail, with more than 30 years of experience. The Clients need have no worries other than to enjoy using their new sails.


The advantages of our guarantee

The characteristics of Wsail's guarantee are:

  1. The programme is valid for every new sail and lasts 12 months from the delivery date. In the case of a repair is near to the price of a new sail, that sail must be considered not reparable.
  2. The programme is for all boats up to 50 feet
  3. One Design sails are included.
  4. The deposit in the sail lof is free of charge.
  5. Flying Sails are not included.
  6. Replacement of broken batons is not included.
  7. The washing and clearing of sails is not included.
  8. Unmounting, re-mouting and delivery and transportation of sails is not included.
  9. Recut and redesigning the shape is not included.
  10. Happy sailing!