“Racing Line: All the speed and lightness
we can gather

The Racing Line focuses on what is needed on the regatta circuitSo, speed and lightness are of Paramount importance. The racing sails are made mainly using the "tri-ply" method whereby two layers of mylar sandwich and internal filling of polyester, kevlar, spectra, vectran, pentex or carbon or a mix of these compositions.
These types of sails have won races in the regatta circuit for over 30 years. The sails have shown to retain their shape, and their success is proven in the IRC, ORC and One Design fleets in Italy and abroad.


The advantages can be found on the starting line.

It is now possible, without the use of panels, to make sails that are light yet long lasting whilst still holding their original shape for a long time.

The quantity and quality of the fiber influences the ability of a sail to hold its shape. This technology allows us to build the membrane to construct "the body of the sail" and to reinforce it with structural fibers where most needed, using Polyester, Pentex, Kevlar, Spectra, Vectran and Carbon.

The membrane made by Wsail consists of two skins with structural fibers inserted, the type of fibers depends on the type of sail. The sails are made with heat and pressure to create a monolithic membrane.

The racing sail line is characterized by:

  • Lightness
  • No sewing
  • Ability to retain shape

factors that contribute their success:

  • Reduced heeling
  • Increased speed
  • Increase in range of usage
  • Longer lasting