“One Design Line: you can almost say all men are equal

When it comes to racing, Wsail uses One - Design races, like the J80 Italian Championships to test its sails. For the last three years, the winners of the National Championships have been racing with Wsail, demonstrating the speed of the line.
It is only with a one design fleet where all boats are the same, that the sails and experience of sailors play such a big part. It's for this reason too, that even when it comes to One Design sails, no two sails are the same.
With more than 30 years of experience, materialis and way to make the sails that modern technology permit us, Wsail make sails with a very large range and a very high reliability. This point is very important when complying with class rules and regulations which can limit the number of sails used each season and the material of the sails. We are particularly active in the J80, Optimist and J24 classes.


The advantages can be found on the starting line

Using the membranes it's now possible to make sails lighter and yet still durable, and sails that keep their shape much longer than traditional panelled sails.

The quantity and quality of the fiber influences the ability of a sail to hold its shape and form. This technology allows u sto build the membrane where it is needed to make the body of the sail" and to reinforce it with fiber structures where needed most, using Polyester, Pentex, Kevlar, Spectra, Vectran and Carbon. However every little detail becomes valuable and visible when racing one design.

The membrane made by Wsail consists of two skins with structural fibers inserted, what type of fibers depends on the type of sail. The sails are made with heat and pressure to create a monolithic membrane.

The fundamental characteristics of One Design sails are:

  • Weight is always within the class rules
  • Measurements are always within class rules
  • Shapes always up to date
  • Class measurements made in the sail loft

These features allow to obtain:

  • Less heeling
  • Higher speed
  • Increased flexibility of use
  • Long lasting
  • Less "unwanted" surprises