J-80 IT Championship

Federico Rajola on board "OlJ Hatamuri Spirit" has brought home the Italian title J-80. The podium occupied entirely by tigullini

Chiavari at the Yacht Club, Marina Yachting Trophy 2011 at the same time, there was the Italian Championship J80. Between Friday and Sunday the 11 monotypes in the race are given no holds barred battle over seven tests on a knife edge. The Italian title change boat, but remains in Liguria. The guys from "Jeniale!", The boat captained by Massimo Rama (YC Chiavari) must settle for third place, giving the status of Italian Champion in the team "OlJ Hatamuri Spirit", employed by Captain Frederick Rajola, bearer of the LNI of Sestri Levante. On the place of honor "J Vivado" Charles Cesaris, according to the Yacht Club Chiavari.
Again, the results confirm the soundness of the National Championship fleet tigullina, an "armored" hard to beat.
Here is the chronicle of the last day of competition made the defending champion Massimo Rama

Third and final day of the J80 National Championship 2011 organized by the Yacht Club Chiavari begins in the morning as a winter day than hard ... 30-35 knots of north-east and rain.
The race committee leaves the port to assess the situation and after hearing the forecast (decrease expected) decided to postpone the departure of a few hours.
At 13, the race course is positioned to 50gradi, became a dancer with a wind direction and intensity is: up to 15 knots and great leaps of up to 30 degrees. Just what happens just before the start, turning the race into a kind of tracking along the four sides of the trail: who starts in front of an easy life to defend and who is behind has no room to attack.
The result, however 'is a thriller: JVivado, second in general, and cut back just one point ahead of Hatamuri, first in the standings so far, eliminating the disadvantage!
Behind the first two of Montpres Montedonico Jeniale pitfall of Rama for the third position.
At this point, the championship is wide open: one more test to be played, but from start to rule no later than the 15: monento the first two are equal, but OljSpirit Hatamuri Rajola leads to the most wins.
The disturbance passes quickly and the wind makes all the wind rose, making it impossible for a start, at least until 14:50 when it gets back from the North East: 50 degrees and ready for the race that decides the national title J80.
JVivado "hunting" Hatamuri, both start on the left with Jeniale in the middle and there you jump to the first mark with a decisive reinforcement of the wind up to 25 knots: the first mark and Montpres OrsoJ advantage of scrimmage to pass, followed by a good scratch.
Suffers JVivado not running very well and then he ran into a small tear that is definitely abandon the idea of ??winning the title: Hatamuri on the other hand, escaped the danger, it launches a comeback and goes to take a well deserved victory.
The wind continues to accompany the intense and beautiful boats to the finish.

Source: www.newsliguria.com