Danish transfer for the J80

Transfer satisfactory "our" in Copenhagen with a very high level that characterized the World Championship.
70 boats, 12 countries, 3 former World Champion, a European Champion, an Olympic Gold Medal ...... 300 racers for 9 4 days of tests, always behind the stunning bridge linking Copenhagen with Malmo!
After four days and nine mounting evidence difficult to interpret with little or average conditions of wind, it was clear that Spanish sailors are not only fast with the wind and big waves, but they are also very intelligent and fast in light winds and lots of strips of the current on the Baltic Sea, where the winds never exceeded 12 knots!
Showing their versatility is extraordinary World Champions for 2011, the team of Ignacio Camino on NEXTEL ENGINEERING for a well deserved victory over a tough competition.
They never gave up, never have fallen into difficulty on a field slippery and difficult to interpret, more focused, fast .... and smiling!
Nextel an incredible behind Jose Maria Van Der Ploeg, Finn gold medal in Barcelona 92: Party on anonymously (the twentieth day after the first) has lined up a string of excellent results by hoisting up the second place, along with an experienced crew which is also part of the young child.
The third step of the podium, incredibly for the fourth consecutive year, Charles Martinez of Mapfre: the interpreter is probably the most Murciano 'full class, four years down the podium at World Championships. At this point, only missing the win to seal his supremacy.
Off the podium 2009 World Champion, Rayco Tabarez, Lanzarote: a couple of slips have prevented the summit, but has always proved to be flamboyant and fast (boat rental!)
The two disappointed: the American Glen Darden, head for two days, and the Swedish Sundstedt, persosi the last day.
And the Italians Great ?..... our local participation, with 4 boats for the first time in the history of J80:
Jeniale! close to 15 place, after having enjoyed the chance to stay in the top 10, after scoring a third place showing great strength and speed, often reading the field well, but even got into a too tight, and starting on a day not happy. Excellent result!
Joconde, skipper for the occasion and Nicco White Samele tactics came 16th, just half a point Jeniale!, Showing considerable potential (they are the first foreign participation): the four owners will not fail to reappear on the field Race!
A little below their just expectations of the performance Hatamuri Olj Spirit: 22nd in the end they alternate tests fine (twice eleventh) with a disqualification and some were less good. But it will remake Frederick Rajola soon!
Bear J of George Guzzi ..... scored a stunning third day, other good tests and then, on the last day, in a busy turning point as the center of Milan ..... he ran into a collision with the Dutch boat, risking the teeth of the sympathetic owner of "bear" and forcing the team to withdraw.
Overall, a significant benefit of our representative, that certainly the next year, in Dartmouth, UK, will do even better.

Source: www.jeniale.com